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My Thrifted Treasure Box

Imagine with me if you will traversing scorching desert, blistering heat, climbing mountainous heights, fighting through the dangers of the jungle for two long – torturous weeks and then finally, FINALLY discovering that spot, that giant X. Digging for hours on end and hitting that solid object! The box! Your treasure chest! You found the chest! You don’t know what’s inside, but you know it’s going to be wonderful!

That’s EXACTLY what happened to me this week! Ok, well, kind of… sort of… in my mind it felt like it! For me, it was two long, torturous weeks of pacing back and forth to my front window waiting and waiting for the mailman to arrive with my Thrift Box from Designing from My Closet! And when it arrived, let me tell you, I truly felt like I had found a treasure chest!

My Thrift Box has arrived!

For those of you who follow my Facebook page, you probably saw me post about the Thrift Box, it’s anticipated arrival and my excitement when it got here. But, for those of you who don’t, or who missed those posts, let me fill you in. The Thrift Box is a wonderful service offered by Janeane from the blog Designing from My Closet.   Janeane is a professional interior designer turned professional stylist. She offers a variety of styling services, but the Thrift Boxes are one of her newest. For a very reasonable fee of $100 she will be your personal shopper, but at Thrift Stores. (I am a HUGE fan of thrift shopping!) For your $100 you will receive sufficient items to create 3 styled looks, created by Janeane, a style sheet from Janeane, Janeane’s personal shopping and styling service (something most of us can’t normally imagine affording) and your shipping is included in the cost, as well. I was so excited by this service, I couldn’t wait to try it out!

First, I have to say I was very impressed with the extent of information that Janeane gathers from you at the time you make your order. Because these items are thrifted, there are NO

Styling sheet on how to group your pieces to create your 3 looks

RETURNS. (This is normal with thrift store shopping.) So, she makes every effort to learn your sizes, styles, tastes, lifestyle and preferences through the questionnaire. She also makes herself available for any additional questions you may have for her and is very prompt in responding. Janeane did message me, as well, when my Thrift Box shipped and gave me a tracking number for it. When my box arrived, after I stopped doing my happy dance long enough to open it, I was impressed with how well packaged each item was. I also found a personal note from Janeane and my styling sheet.

And when I opened my box did I truly find treasure?! I did, I did! First let me give you the quick list of what was inside:

  • Chico’s chain necklace (love so much it’s worth the whole box!)
  • Chocolate brand bolero length denim jacket
  • Loft brand paisley print tunic top
  • Kate Spade wedge heel sandals
  • Anthropolgie brand high/low strapless dress (still tagged!)
  • Pilcro and the Letterpress brand Linen pants

I was thrilled with the selection! The brands she managed to find were impressive. The Anthropolgie dress alone practically paid for the box itself!

Let’s take a look at each of the outfits as Janeane styled them:

This is look #1 from the Style Sheet. It includes the Loft tunic, the Pilcro and the Letterpress linen pants, the Kate Spade wedges and the Chico’s necklace. I’ve added my own earrings.

Janeane’s second look included the Pilcro and the Letterpress linen pants, again, topped with the Anthropologie sleeveless dress, the Kate Spade wedges, the Chocolate denim jacket and the Chico’s necklace. Again, I’ve added my own earrings. (and my photo bombing morkie, Tucker!)

The final look from the Style Sheet is the Anthropolgie high/low dress on it’s own with the Chico’s necklace and the Kate Spade wedges. Notice the versatility of the necklace as I’ve double wrapped it around my neck making it almost choker-length. You may also notice here that the wedges have wrap-around straps. I actually added those myself. They fit perfectly without them, but to be honest, I’m a bit of a klutz and I felt a little more secure with an ankle wrap. It was an easy add-on and blends perfectly in with shoe.

Janeane did such a beautiful job of understanding my style and yet stretching my style sense. I love the idea of a dress over pants, but had never tried it before, feeling a little intimidated by it, afraid I wouldn’t “do it right”. This allowed me to step into a new realm with a little help from an expert. Also, we all tend to get “stuck” in areas we like, for instance, I like skinny jeans and even with dressier pants tend towards a straighter leg, like a cigarette pant. Again, Janeane brought me slightly out of my rut with these beautiful Pilcro and the Letterpress linen pants – something I would have looked at and thought lovely, but probably would have passed up. How silly of me!

But, I want you to see, as well, how versatile and well thought out these pieces are – not items that I can only wear the way Janeane set them out, but things that will incorporate into the flow of the rest of my wardrobe. So, I put together a few more looks of my own using these pieces and things that I already own.

Here I’ve done the Loft tunic with a pair of chandelier earrings that pull out the baby blue in the top with a pair of black leggings, black shoeties and some gold bangles. Great brunch look!
For this look I’ve taken the linen pants and paired them with a turquoise cami, and a long, flowy sage and white vest. Gold and orange earrings and bangles bring out some good contrasting colors and some simple brown wedges and and a dark brown belt complete the look. I like the fitted cami and flowy vest with it to offset the fact that the pants are actually a little too big and it detracts from the extra fabric at my hips.











For the last look I decided to venture out on my own with the pants/dress look and do the dress with a pair of skinny jeans. I Boho’d it up with a mixed metal multi chain necklace and some Boho-look earrings, added the denim jacket and some Vera Wang clay colored heels. I have to say I was pretty pleased with the results!

So what is my final analysis of the Thrift Box service from Designing from My Closet? The Pros and the Cons?


  • Great value
  • Professional styling service not usually affordable to the average person
  • Great service for people who may not have time to do their own shopping or not have the knowledge of how to style for themselves
  • Access to new and different level of thrift stores not available in your own area
  • The excitement and fun of having  “surprise” outfits appear at your door
  • Unlike similar “shop-for-you” services like Stitch Fix etc. you are not obligated to sign up for a certain amount of time or packages
  • More personalized service than other similar services such as those mentioned above
  • A personalized shopper who both “stretches” your style sense, but also respects your style sensibilities, modesty and preferences


  • Ok, give me a second because I’m trying to think of one….
  • There are no returns… As I mentioned in one of the pictures, my linen pants are too big. Janeane was aware that they would be too long (I’m barely 4’10, no big surprise!) and noted that in her personal note to me in the package, but, they’re also quite a bit too big in the waist (I can fit my whole hand sideways in there) So, I will be finding someone to take them in for me. But, they’re a beautiful pair of linen pants, so I feel they’re worth it. It’s a chance you take.
  • Waiting to save my pennies so I can order another one! I hate having to wait!

That’s it folks! That’s all I can think of!

Interested in ordering your own Thrift Box? I encourage you to pop over to Janeane’s blog and check out her info page, and just check out her blog in general while you’re there! It’s one of my favorite places on the net to hang out!

And for your viewing pleasure, the photo bombing morkie who insisted on being in the pictures for this blog!




















  1. What fun, Ronnie, especially for a shopaholic like you 🙂

    1. Shopaholic?! Who me?! No, don’t you know that’s therapy, Linda? I have proof now – I just read about a study that showed women who shopped daily reduced their risk of dying prematurely by 23%! See, I’m just looking out for my health! ;D

  2. jodie filogomo

    Doesn’t Janeane do such a great job, Rhona?
    How did you hear about her service?? I think it’s such a fabulous idea, that I can’t wait to do it again.
    Then again, I could just go scout out my own thift store down the road, but for some reason, it’s quite exhilarating seeing what someone else chooses for you!!


      Janeane does a fabulous job! (Not that that is any surprise!)
      I have followed Designing from My Closet for…Wow… it seems like forever, I actually discovered YOU through HER… so I found out about the Thrift Box just as a matter of course. It was probably the first fashion blog that I really started following faithfully, and I still do!
      I am an avid, avid thrifter myself, but there is something about getting that box in the mail, from someone like Janeane, with her eye and her abilities, and the access she has to different shops… the surprise and mystery of what’s coming… I just love it! I can’t wait to make my next order!

      1. jodie filogomo

        I love that you made these photos bigger, Rhona!!
        Now I can really see the pieces!!

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