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Didja’ ever get one of them days, boys

Mr. T, Matt and I at Graduation


I was planning on posting this month all about my average eating plan, my exercise regime and maybe adding a recipe or two, but what is that old saying about the best laid plans? The first week of this month ended up thrown completely off with not one, but TWO graduations for my youngest son, vo-tech graduation at the beginning of the week followed by his regular high school graduation at the end of the week. In between, of course, being filled with rehearsals and picking up of this and dropping off of that and all the what not that signals the end of a long and glorious school career. Then we topped off the week by leaving the very next morning after graduation to celebrate the wedding of our nephew in beautiful Cape May, New Jersey. My whole life I had never been a “beach person”, but then I set foot in this absolutely charming town and I was hooked! It was a beautiful wedding and a fabulous (more…)

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